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INKSCAPE a vector graphics program

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Burning ISO images    [back to top]

In Windows

I would recomment  the (no cost) open source CD burning software from InfraRecorder @
I have simple 1-page-how-to  (Using InfraRecoder.pdf) for copying a CD. It takes the CD and copies it and saves it as an ISO file on your desktop.  You can then burn the ISO to CD. 

In Ubuntu

  1. Insert a blank CD into your burner. A "CD/DVD Creator" file browser will pop up. Close this browser as we will not be using it. (Edgy will say "Choose Disk Type", click 'Ignore")

  2. Find the downloaded ISO image in the file browser (available at Places → Home menu on top of the screen.) Right click on the ISO image file and choose Write to Disc and wait for burning to complete.

See CdDvdBurning @ if you would like to burn from the command line(terminal).

In Kubuntu

  1. Find the ISO image in the file browser (available at System Menu > Home Folder on bottom of the screen next to KMenu.)

  2. Right click on the ISO → Actions → Write CD Image with K3b...

  3. K3b will now automatically verify the md5sum, make sure these match.

  4. Place Blank CD in burner and click on start.