BEDS I    Programming and Coding  Lectures and Labs Semester 1, 2005

Week 1  Lecture slides: Deitel Chapter1                                   
Lecture slides: Getting started with Visual C++             
Week 2   Lecture slides related to Deitel Chap 2
Sample code
Week 3   Lecture Slides Related  to Deitel Chap 3
Week 4 Arrays
Week 5 Pointers 
Week 6 Pointers part II
Week 7 Graphics Library and graphics programming
Week 8 Structures/Classes and  
Homework: Roulette Programmming Problem (With Sample code)
Week 9 Classes and OO programming
Week 10 Classes
Week 11 Classes and Inhertitance

For handup : Sciritp to copy C++ files to root directory and ZIP them  CopymycodeQuicklyandZIP.bat Just copy it to root directory of your Workspace and double click it.

MinGW - Minimalist GNU for Windows

Free from Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express (beta)

C++ in 21 Days

C++ Library  reference

C++ Online Textbooks and Docs Links page