Engineering Java

Reference Material

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Eclipse IDE

Programmer's Editors

Part 1  Intro
  • Brief overview of java
  • How to run a java program
  • How to set up java programming at home
    • compiler
    • editor
    •   JavaAPI
  • Simple java programs
    • main() and simple variables
Java 5 Application Programmers Interface

Book Ref

Chap 1 Building Java Programs Reges+Stepp
Chap 1, 2 Deitel

 Getting started with Java.
Part 2 Procedural programming in Java
(like C)
  • Class with main() function
  • variables
  • sequence
  • selection
    • if
    • case
  • iteration
    • for
    • while

We will use David Eck's TextIO class for input/output see UsingTextIO.pdf and original  @

Main Ref:
Chap 2 Reges+Stepp
Simplified text I/O with from David ECK

Lab and Homework
Coding problems from Deitel Chap 4 and 5
Part 3  Structured programming in Java
(like C)
  • The Mechanics of Parameters
  • Limitations of Parameters
  • Multiple Parameters
  • Parameters Versus Constants
  • Overloading of Methods
  • Methods that Return Values
Main Ref:

Homework work from Chap 3 Reges+Stepp
Part 4 Simple objects
  • Using Objects
  • String Objects
  • Point Objects
  • Reference Semantics
  • Multiple Objects
  • Objects as Parameters to Methods
Main Ref:

Chap 3 Reges& Stepp,
Chap 29 Deitel
Part  5  Introduction to Graphics
  • DrawingPanel
  • Lines and Shapes
  • Colors
  • Text and Fonts
3G.2 Procedural Decomposition with Graphics
  • A Larger Example: DrawDiamonds
  • Summary of Graphics Methods
3G.3 Case Study: Pyramids
  • An Unstructured Solution
  • Generalizing the Drawing of

REF: Building Java Programs Chapter  and @
Chap 3g Reges+Stepp
Part  6 Arrays
7.1 Array Basics
Constructing and Traversing an Array
Accessing an Array
A Complete Array Program
Random Access
Arrays and Methods
The For-Each Loop
Initializing Arrays
Limitations of Arrays
7.2 Array Traversal Algorithms
Printing an Array
Searching and Replacing
Testing for Equality
Reversing an Array
7.3 Advanced Array Techniques
Shifting Values in an Array
Arrays of Objects
Command Line Arguments
7.4 Multidimensional Arrays (optional)
Rectangular Two-Dimensional Arrays
Jagged Arrays
7.5 Case Study: Hours Worked
Version 1: Reading the Input File
Version 2: Cumulative Sum
Version 3: Row Sum and Column Print
Chap 7 Reges+Stepp

Lecture slides

Code from  lecture slides:
Arrays-code from chap7 building java

Lab handout: Arrays-BuildingJavaProgs-lab7.pdf
Lab code:
Part 7
Part  8
Part  9
Part 10  GUIs
Ref: Chapter 14

Part 11 GUI layout managers
GUIs with eclipse

Arrays and array lists (ref chap 8 Horstmann)