Degree in Electronic Engineering - Communications

Lecture Series 2004

Stallings book 7th edition

Stallings, W. [2003] Data and Computer Communications (7th edition), Prentice Hall, ISBN: 0-13-183311-1
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Note: The handouts should be printed and brought to the lecture. They do not cover all the material that will be presented in the lecture.

Full set of PDF notes YEARS NOTES in a ZIP file.

Sample questions for Chap2 Chap3 Chap5 and Chap6

Lecture sequence with reference to Stallings book
Part 1 Logs, Log scales and decibles
Part 2 Communications Overview
Part 3 Chapter 3 Data Transmission
Part 4 Chapter 3 Data Transmission - part b
Part 5 Chapter 5 Signal Encoding Techniques Part 1
Part 6 Chapter 6 Digital Data Communications Techniques
Part 7 Chapter 2 Protocol Architecture OSI model