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Lecture Notes  

Part 1 Notes:
Introduction (slides as pdf)

The turing test page:

Eliza (talk to a friend) :

Jabbewock  -- Is it a computer chatting with  you?
See an extensive listing of chatter boxes here:
Part  2 Notes:
Searching (slides as  pdf)

Searching problems in Java:

Java Apps that  show  searching

Part 3 Notes:
Puzzles and Game playing slides  here

Sample Code:
Mark Watsons Maze code    here
Mark Watson's Games code  here

Alpha-Beta Applet
On-line Java AI aplplets
The thinking machine game of chess:
Part 4 Notes:
Knowledge representation here
Part 5 Notes:
An introduction to logic "Chapter 1: Foundations of Computation by Carol Critchlow and David Eck"
freely available online @

Proposition logic
Part 6 Notes:

See planning Java app. here
Part 7 Notes:
Machine learning

Jeff Heaton Neural Nets



Lab 1 Graph searching

Graph searching applet/application:
Lab 2 Ref: Mark Watson's Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java

Searching graphs with Mark Watson's java code  here
Lab 3


Some assignments refers to the chapters in the book "Expert systems Principles and Programming" by Giarratano and Riles. (here)

CLIPs Basic Programmer's Manual (PDF) format approx 378pp available in Student Union Shop.

CLIPS sytax in BNF

JESS:  Clips in Java @

JCLIPS:    Clips in Java  @
  • NOTE place the dll in c:\windows\system32


Lab   Lab will cover CLIPS GUI environment as well as CLIPS an introduction to facts and rules. This will include:
defrule, deffacts, assert, printout.

Homework as follows [Solutions must be handed up at the beginning of Lab 2] :

Q1: Cascade     

Q2: Family      

Q3: Car diagnostic system- See tutorial for diagram)  (See model answer here)

Tutorial 1
Lab  Facts - Rules and variables
Handouts (Tutorial1 summary, Clips-BNF)
Homework as follows [
Solutions must be handed up at the beginning of Lab 3];

Q1: Rewrite the  car diagnostic  system with a facility to query user: as it progresses

Q2:  Blue Eyes

Q3:  Blue Eyes

Tutorial 2

Variables and deffacts see here
Homework (see handout)
Exercise 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.9, 7.10,  7.11, 1.12, 7.13

Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4

A useful tool that allows you to see how different search algorithms work


Tutorial 5


Some CLIPS examples here
Tutorial 6


Class Exercise:
Block's World Problem
Getting user input

Assignment: Modify Block's World and Consider Water Jug Problem (Slides)


Java and AI

Description of Lab


Useful Links

Jeff Heaton Neural Networks with Java  @

Alison Cawsey's web site -
AI on the WEB -
Prolog and/in Java -