Quality Assurance and Reliability(QUAL 501)

Updated: September 5, 2004

Useful Links

Software Quality Assurance and Testing FAQ http://www.softwareqatest.com/qatfaq1.html#FAQ1_1

Link to Course and Lab Schedule

Lectures note handouts

02-Intro to Quality
03-Software Processes And Project Mgt

xx-Software Metrics
xx-Reliability Engineering
xx-JUnit and testing



Using Eclipse
A brief tutorial on using Eclipse
University of Manitoba links

Eclipse Plugins

UML Tools

Try some Open Source solution see them at here

A good "Quick Reference" for UML by Allen Hobul can be found at http://www.holub.com/goodies/uml/index.html

Free Drawing tools

A very decent (free) drawing package called Dia is available at http://www.lysator.liu.se/~alla/dia/. It is a little like Microsoft Visio and has a stencil for UML diagrams


Free UML CASE Tools (with a Java bias)

A much more sophisticated UML CASE tool is Poseidon. The community edition is free and is available at http://www.gentleware.com/products/download.php3.


Fujaba - From the University of Paderborn's Software Engineering Group

This is not as sophisticated (or bug free) as Poseidon but its a very interesting tool. It generates sophisticated Java code from the UML diagrams and is particularly good in its coding of assocations. Its described as a round-trip engineering tool. It is available at http://www.fujaba.de/.



For a good listing of UML modelling tools see Craig Larman's site http://www.objectsbydesign.com/tools/umltools_byPrice.html. Some of the tools are free.

Java Code Samples

Moldel View Controller

Free Online Books

A very good list of free online books is available at http://maththinking.com/boat/computerbooks.html.

For those that relate to the course here are some (free) online versions of books that are held in the GMIT library.

Dennis de Champeaux, Douglas Lea, and Penelope Faure

Note the text does not use the UML. A hard copy is held in the GMIT library in section 005.12.

Bruce Eckel

Thinking in Java.

Hard copy In GMIT library at 005.133