Galway-Mayo Institiute of Technology 
E-Commerce Development Technologies I and II


  • To develop in students an understanding of e-Commerce / e-Business development technologies.
  • To develop an awareness of "open" standards for networked software development.
  • To develop an understanding of the components of web-based solutions, their dependencies, and interactions.
  • To further the students understanding and application of networked application development.
Recommended Reading:
  • ASP Developer's Guide, Buczek, McGraw Hill, 2000, 0-07-212294-3
  • Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages, Hall, 2000, 0-13-089340-4
  • Java for Students (2nd Edition)- Bell & Parr (1999)
The course syllabus is available from here. Notes will be posted here before each lecture/practical.

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