Galway-Mayo Institiute of Technology 
National Diploma in Software Development

To give a formal education to those who wish to become software developers in a commercial environment. The graduate will be immediately productive in areas of expanding employment opportunities e.g. analyst programmer in either software houses or companies doing in-house development; software support specialist in a company selling PC hardware or software. Third-year students are encouraged to develop qualities of leadership through the application of management and communication principles and through supervision of Certificate students in project work

Entry Requirements
MINIMUM entry requirement is: Pass (Grade D3 or better) in five Leaving Certificate subjects including Mathematics and English or Irish. In practice, entry levels are significantly above the minimum and points are calculated from the SIX best subjects.

Course Duration
3 years full time. Also available through ACCS mode.

Career Outlets
Graduates of this course will function as computer professionals in all areas where software may profitably be developed, including the commercial and financial sectors and software houses where new system software is produced and existing systems enhanced.

Course Content
  • Year 1:
    • Semester I & II: Programming Practical, Program Development, Computer Technology, Mathematics and Statistics, Business Administration, Business European Language (French or German)
  • Year 2:
    • Semester III: Computer Applications, Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, Business Communications, Systems Analysis and Design I, Projects I, Business European Language.
    • Semester IV: Accountancy, Programming and Communications Theory, DB/SQL, Systems Analysis and Design II, Probability and Statistics, Projects II, Business European Language.
  • Year 3:
    • Semester V: Operating Systems Design, Functional & Logic Programming, Object-Oriented Development, Software Quality Management, Graphics, Elective (Business European Language or Business Mathematics)
    • Semester VI: Database Management Systems, Computer Related Technology, Knowledge Representation, Human Computer Interaction, Project, Elective (Business European Language or Mathematical Modelling).
Opportunities for Further Study
Progression to Honours B.Sc. (Software Development). Graduates of this course have also entered degree programmes at other Irish Universities and Colleges and at institutions of higher education in the UK with which this College has links.  
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