Galway-Mayo Institiute of Technology 
B.Sc in Software Development

To equip students with the theoretical and practical techniques which will enable them to function as computer professionals in all areas where software may be profitably developed. Such areas will include the commercial and financial sectors where the graduate may function in the roles of analyst and/or designer and software houses where new system software will be produced and existing systems will be enhanced.

Entry Requirements
National Diploma in Computing with Merit or Distinction. Prospective entrants are also required by the NCEA to pass additional/bridging studies. Currently these modules are held as additional studies during the academic year rather than as free-standing preliminary courses in September.

Course Duration
One year full-time study. Also available through ACCS mode.

Course Content
  • Semester VII: Artificial Intelligence; Software Engineering; Systems Programming; System Software; Data Communications and Networks; e-Commerce Development Technologies I; Elective (Business European Language or Legal & Ethical Issues)
  • Semester VIII: Theory of Algorithms; Real-time Systems Design; e-Commerce Development Technologies II; Project; Elective (Business European Language or Distributed Systems)

Opportunities for Further Study
Graduates may proceed to higher degrees and/or membership of professional bodies.  
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