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Research Methods for Computer Scientists

Aims and Objectives

    This is a short course on research methods specific to research in Computer Science and Informatics. Attendance is compulsory for all full-time research students on the M.Sc in Computing. The course is assessed by a portfolio of course work (50%), and a project proposal and presentation (50%).

    This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the methods used to carry out a postgraduate research project in computing and related disciplines. It is designed for students from a wide variety of backgrounds and aims to help them to develop critical thinking and to learn research techniques. In particular, it will provide them with the skills that they will need to undertake their own research on the MSc programme.

Learning Outcomes
  • Compare the use of different methods of research in computing.
  • Critically evaluate and review different types of publication.
  • Formulate a research question and select an appropriate methodology to investigate it.
  • Design and carry out a significant research project in an area of computing.
  • Present and report on research in a manner acceptable to the computing research community.
Course outline
  • The Philosophy and Nature of Inquiry.
  • The Nature and Objectives of Research.
  • Research Design and Planning.
  • Research Methodologies for Computing and Informatics.
  • Choosing and Planning a Research Project
  • Writing a Research Proposal.
  • Reviewing the Literature.
  • Tools of Research.
  • Data Collection and Analysis.
  • Managing / Achieving Objectives.
  • Writing the Research Report.
  • Presenting Data, Drawing Conclusions, Identifying Future Work.
  • Presenting Research Findings.
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